As you browse through our pictures, you might ask yourself… why? When you come across the photos for the Ferrante Winery.

Well, if you were at the reception and heard the best man’s toast about our “day” trips then this is a prime example.

One of the things that he neglected to mention was that every trip Marianne and I have taken has become documented in one way or another. We even have every ticket stub from every movie we went to the theater to see and napkins from restaurants we ate at during our trips. This is because my lovely bride has a forensic scientist living inside as one of her personalities, and she takes pictures and collects data about everything.

To be honest, this is one of the things that intrigued me about Marianne and I got hooked on the “hobby” myself.

Long story short, the photos of the Ferrante Winery were from the day we went to purchase the wine for our wedding.

Ferrante Winery

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