Due to the immaturity of some students within the school system in which we work, we had to remove and disable comments. I would like to respond to one of the ignorant users who made the post about a Wedding being too sacred to create a “Blog”….

First of all, if you were not so stupid, you would have noticed that the “Blog” was mainly about the 18 day trip we took on our honeymoon. We posted this on the web so that we could communicate with family at home and create a journal that we have printed off for us to remember these great moments for the rest of our lives.

At no point did we invite any of you to view, comment, or contribute to our site. Again, YOU WERE NOT INVITED, and I hope that you feel bad about the comments in which you have posted. Feel bad enough that on the day of your own Weddings, you think back of the gift you gave my wife and myself on ours. This gift is a gift that proves how ignorant some of you students can be, how far you have to lower yourself, just to make another person laugh.

- SD

P.S. I know who posted those messages… and I have your IP addresses. Just pray I don’t use that information when I am sitting here on this computer late at night… in a bad mood. In fact... I might just get some payback.