This morning we had continental breakfast at the hotel. They had tons of food, but ehhhh on the taste.

We then drove back over to Gatlinburg.

We walked the streets and visited various shops.

We went into the Hard Rock. Shawn got a shirt and I had a coupon for a free gift with a purchase (It was a lanyard with a recordable cd on it.)

We also visited the Craftsmen’s Fair. There we saw about a hundred people peddling their crafts. We saw a woodcarver making wooden bears from logs (we did not buy them though we didn't think $3200.00 was a good price. =) We also saw a country band play there too. I found a couple wood toys I liked… I can use them in class.

We ate lunch at the Brass Lantern. Shawn had a burger and loaded baked potato. I had a barbequed pork sandwich.

After the trip into Gatlinburg, we came back to Pigeon Forge. We went to the Old Mill Shops and Patriot Park.

We came back to the hotel and relaxed and took a nap.

Then we went out to dinner at the “No Way Jose Cantina”. I had chicken enchiladas and Shawn had beef ones.

We then walked around Pigeon Forge’s Parkway for a while and saw “Living Statues.” There were these people who were painted with a brownish silver paint. (There was a woman and 2 children.) The paint covered their skin and even their clothes. We saw them walk up and we looked at each other like…what is that? Then they sat down at a fountain and got out their props, put up a sign they had which stated “Tips appreciated. Living statue.”

Then we headed back and packed for our long journey home….