Today was mostly driving.

We stopped at New Smyrna Beach for breakfast at Denny’s.

We did make a stop today though. We went to the Ponce de Leon Lighthouse.

They also have the Fresnal Lens from the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse here at the Ponce de Leon Lighthouse.

As we were leaving the lighthouse, it began to rain…and it followed us for the rest of the day.

We finally arrived in Pooler, Georgia where we would be staying for the night. By then it was pouring buckets. We were just a couple exits from our hotel when traffic came nearly to a halt in the pouring rain as people began pulling off the road. We decided to continue on because we were getting off at the next exit. As we drove by, the shoulder was lined with stopped vehicles. When we got to the hotel, the streets were flooding and the parking lot...a lake…and the rain was really coming down. We sat in the car for a few minutes waiting for it to let up, but it didn’t so Shawn finally ran through the rain to the hotel door. He came out a couple minutes later and stood under the awning preparing once again to brave the pouring rain. I did a little impromptu sign language that I would move the car and meet him. I climbed into the driver’s seat and moved the car (after adjusting the seat of course…) Then it was my turn to brave the rain. Not only was it pouring, it was a cold rain too!

When we got into our room, we had just ourselves…we did not take time to bring anything in through the rain…and we were freezing….and soaked…so Shawn turned off the air conditioner and put on the heater…which started to smell like fire and the smoke alarm went off in out room…=) He quickly turned the heater off and opened the window to let out the smell. No one came to check on the incident…

We sat and made fun of how we were there for 5 minutes and nearly burned down the hotel.
So there we were in the room with nothing to do. It was too rainy to go out to the car for dinner. The computer and even our cards were in the car (we got Disney UNO and NASA playing cards.) So we watched the weather channel and heard that a funnel cloud was spotted in an area we had just driven through a little while ago. That was helpful. =)

Well after about an hour, it slowed down a little and we braved the weather to go down the street for dinner. (The hotel had only vending machines with chips and Fritos.) We ended up going to Cracker Barrel. I had my chicken and dumplings and Shawn had the meatloaf.

After dinner, it had finally stopped raining, but it was dark already so we went back to the room and worked on our blog. (If it hadn’t rained, I had found a couple lighthouses 20 minutes away that I was figuring out how to get to earlier…oh well another trip.)

That is all for today.

Just to let you know, we have over 6200 pictures.